Honesty – we believe that the foundation of any long-lasting and worthwhile relationship is an authenticity upon which trust can be built. 

Integrity – we take pride in every piece of our work and conduct business with morally and ethically-sound principles throughout. 

Customers – the center of our business. 


Teamwork – people are our greatest asset. We recognize the importance of cohesiveness and camaraderie in any workplace, and particularly in the global context of our business. 

Excellence – our guiding principle governing everything we do, and the reason we can assure the uncompromising quality in our service and the guarantees we stand by, for all of our clients.

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Our Mission

​Our company’s purpose is to provide unsurpassed service on a worldwide scale, consistently and reliably, delivering cost effectiveness without compromising quality, all with client satisfaction as our primary focus. We support this purpose with clear and open communication, ensuring clients are informed and managing their expectations along every step of the way.

About Us

our vision

International trade has been, and is still, the cornerstone of the globalization of our economy, and the movement of goods across borders is a key driving force to economic growth for the countries whose primary industries rely on such commercial exchange. 

Free Trade policies have increasingly enabled greater access to untapped demand, for a wider variety of commercial goods, transcending geographical boundaries. Manufacturers and suppliers are going beyond borders to introduce their commodities to the international market at a rapidly increasing pace, competing at a global level that demands quality products at the best possible prices. 

To meet such market demands, Barkovic Group is passionately committed to offering a world-class service to facilitate market outreach, sourcing opportunities, and the business of intercontinental goods exchange.

Barkovic Group LLC