We pride ourselves on having a global reach of established, long-standing relationships built on trust, to support the transactions of all types of commercial trade merchandise, and to leverage costs and speed at each and every turn. 

Like all areas of our business, our affiliations span the globe, forming a robust framework of international contacts, for greater sourcing options, quicker response times and better bargaining power.



Barkovic Group LLC


Collectively, we bring 20 years of experience dealing with physical commodities, of all types and quantities, and offer extensive trade industry knowledge. 

Our expertise in all aspects of cargo logistics, including packaging, customs procedures, and storage options means we are able to also package our services into one complete bundle. 

Our intimate familiarity with the market, its processes, policies and key constituents in all parts of the world lends us the unique advantage of quicker navigation of your goods to you.

Barkovic Group LLC specializes in the global trading and general merchandizing of physical commodities, from industrial materials, to consumer goods, and any other product classification in between. The driving force behind our success lies in our ability to capture value through efficient sourcing, negotiations, price determination, contracting and timely delivery. Our eye for detail translates to expertise in carefully curating the most exacting product for each client. Our customer-centric approach puts each individual client at the core of our business – we are the architects of every individual merchant trade process, customizing each transaction within the process, to optimize its value for ultimate client satisfaction.

Our advantage extends beyond importing and exporting – we offer a turnkey service, from procurement to packaging, to consignment, delivery and warehousing, and all the administration and logistics involved in the entire process. 

This competitive edge is enhanced by our ubiquitous presence. Our vast network of affiliates allows us to facilitate transactions worldwide, and means we are always readily available to assist. We understand the changes in market conditions, and pride ourselves in our pliability to adapt to the changes seamlessly, so that your interests are protected.

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